About The Department Of Management

“ARYAKUL COLLEGE OF MANAGEMENT” has been established(2008) under the aegis of MVESS for M.B.A.(Approved by AICTE, New Delhi and Affiliated to AKTU, Lucknow) This is a 2 year programme spread over 4 semesters and leading to a post graduate degree in MBA. It is a programme especially designed for students who wish to develop managerial skills. The courses are tailor made to suit the needs of corporate industry. The students will be getting a postgraduate degree in management with the expertise & technical knowledge of Corporate Sector. This programme is being conducted by well-experienced Senior Faculty in addition to visiting professors/industrial faculty. The Department offers MBA.The MBA programme aims at providing inputs to the students relevant to the business, industry and trade so that they can efficiently & effectively function in different organization and face the challenges arising as a sequel to all round development of the country.
The objective is being achieved by various activities like case studies, debates, group discussions, students’ workshop & mock-interviews. Aryakul is dedicated to providing the best management education in the Asian region. SUMMER TRAINING Students undergo a two year rigorous programme at Aryakul including two months summer training in various reputed organizations like HINDALCO, JIO, Airport Authority ,COKE, BLUE STAR, LML, HAL, HDFC, BAJAJ, Bank etc, and are ready to face the challenges. MISSION To establish, for altitude seekers, an ethics based management education and research center of excellence comparable with the best.

Vision & Mission

Vision: To be the leader in creating knowledge and developing the program that produces well-rounded business leaders.

MISSION: We intend to provide and develop the capabilities of the young managers by raising their level of competence and intellect to face various challenges in the global environment. In pursuit of excellence, we provide training and development services, foster research and disseminate knowledge through publication of books, journals and magazines for the development of society at large.

Program Educational Objectives

  1. PEO-1: Students will establish themselves as effective professionals by solving real problems through the use of management science/practices knowledge and with attention to team work, effective communication, critical thinking and problem solving skills.
  2. PEO-2: Students will develop professional skills that prepare/reinforce them for immediate employment and for life-long learning in advanced areas of management and related fields.
  3. PEO-3: Students will demonstrate their ability to adapt to a rapidly changing environment by having learned and applied new skills and new competencies.

Program Outcomes

  1. PO1 Apply knowledge of management theories and practices to solve business problems.
  2. PO2 Foster analytical and critical thinking abilities for data-based decision making.
  3. PO3 Ability to develop Value based Leadership ability.
  4. PO4 Ability to understand, analyze and communicate global, economic, legal, and ethical aspects of business.
  5. PO5 Ability to lead themselves and others in the achievement of organizational goals, contributing effectively to a team environment.
  6. PO6 Adapt and develop research acumen.
  7. PO7 Determine the entrepreneurial skills.
  8. PO8 Choose the best possible investment decisions for an enterprise.

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Management OATH

As a business leader I recognize my role in society. My purpose is to lead people and manage resources to create value that no single individual can create alone. My decisions affect the well-being of individuals inside and outside my enterprise, today and tomorrow. Therefore, I promise that:

  • I will manage my enterprise with loyalty and care, and will not advance my personal interests at the expense of my enterprise or society.
  • I will understand and uphold, in letter and spirit, the laws and contracts governing my conduct and that of my enterprise.
  • I will refrain from corruption, unfair competition, or business practices harmful to society.
  • I will protect the human rights and dignity of all people affected by my enterprise, and I will oppose discrimination and exploitation.
  • I will protect the right of future generations to advance their standard of living and enjoy a healthy planet.
  • I will report the performance and risks of my enterprise accurately and honestly.
  • I will invest in developing myself and others, helping the management profession continue to advance and create sustainable and inclusive prosperity.
  • In exercising my professional duties according to these principles, I recognize that my behavior must set an example of integrity, eliciting trust and esteem from those I serve. I will remain accountable to my peers and to society for my actions and for upholding these standards. This oath I make freely, and upon my honor.

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