The onest of the 21st millennium has witnessed a spectacular growth in the diversity of the services sector. There has also been a phenomenal improvement in its standards, courtesy unprecedented specialization and streamlining of various services. As a young country, we are striving hard to attain high living standards through better managerial procedures and people. The intensity and focus on services especially as the Medical and Health facilities, has been escalating along with the increasing awareness of consumer community. The field of Pharmacy is an essential and inseparable part of the Medical and Health services. With growing emphasis on consumer rights the pharmacy is no more a casual business .The need today is thus, much more hard pressed for the well groomed Pharmacy Professionals. Similarly, exponential growth of Financial, Real State, Retail, Telecommunication, Infrastructure, Transport, FMCG, etc sectors, the demand for quality managers as well as qualified professional for the specialized field like Journalism has increased immensely.The Aryakul visualizes strengthening the pharmacological services in Uttar Pradesh and neighboring states with the help of our accomplished and experienced faculty and state of the art laboratories. The aim is to create a sustainable human resource befitting the growing volume of the pharmaceutical research, industry and marketing. The objective is to enable few hands every year to strive for a bright career and satisfying employment. Complementing these pharmacists, Aryakul has developed number of Managers and is in process to groom future media persons who could work for the cause of nation building and build their carrier as well.May we succeed in our dream to weave and materialize few for you!

Managing Director
Dr.Sashakt Singh

Teaching Methodology

At ARYAKUL, we believe that each child is blessed with a unique talent. Our mission lies in recognizing & enhancing that very special blessing. The ARYAKUL learning experience helps every child to succeed. Our teaching methodology ensures that students are being exposed to a holistic education experience in an active and dynamic learning environment, giving them opportunity to identify and realize their potential, and to achieve excellence.
Students differ in their individual learning styles, and each student possesses a unique combination of multiple intelligences. Our integrated teaching methodology nurtures a stimulating learning environment to encourage students to learn at higher levels. Instructional strategies are student – centered and include active learning, inquiry and experience – based learning, cooperative and participative learning activities. We focus on integration of knowledge, development of critical thinking, problem solving, and performance skills. Such a learning environment encourages the Students to enjoy lessons, try out new things and to think creatively and independently.
To keep pace with the growing technological advancements, use of teaching aids viz.
OHP & LCD Projectors, PowerPoint presentations, etc. is in the regular practice. A Student earning a degree from ARYAKULhas an all-round development with a capacity to communicate and think laterally, and the ability to interconnect different situations, which we believe is of utmost importance in today’s world if one is to become a world citizen.


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Business & Management

ARYAKUL COLLEGE OF MANAGEMENT Management can be defined as the process of administering and controlling the affairs of the organization,

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Education Education is a broad field of study that covers teaching, training, and tutoring techniques dedicated to future professionals, who plan to help pupils or students develop

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Aryakul college of pharmacy ACPR is spread over 10 acres of area with green surroundings. The total constructed area is about 50000 sq. ft. and still growing with the expansion of faculties.

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Meet Our Professors

chief minister of up In Aryakul College

Mitchel Sweedon

CEO & Founder

Anna Volkova

Financial Planning Manager

Chris Rendall

Investment Analyst

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