About the Society :- Manav Vikas Evam Sewa Sansthan( MVSS); 130, Hind Nagar, Kanpur Road, Lucknow; is a Non Government Organization, registered under the Society’s Registration Act 1860. The organization was established in the year 1987 by the group of likeminded people with diverse professional background sharing common vision and goal. The organization has been working in the area of Health, Education, Income Generation, Vocational trainings, Rural Development, Agricultural Advancement & Transfer of Technology for improved agriculture and Women Empowerment. Organization has a strong belief that educated society has the capacity to decide the course and contours of development for better life options, if given the opportunity for participation, access to information and affordable education.Keeping in view the organizations’ commitment to fulfill its social responsibilities by the way of quality and affordable higher education, Aryakul was established.
About Aryakul :- Aryakul College was established under the aegis of Manav Vikas Ewam Sewa Sansthan( MVSS), an NGO registered under the society’s Registration Act 1860, promoting the cause of empowering society through quality education and economic sustainability. In an effort to realize the goal of grooming the educational and technical competence of its younger generations to prepare them to take the challenges of adulthood with gainful employment and at the same time contributing to the nation building, Aryakul College of Pharmacy and Research (ACPR) came into existence in the year, 2007 and for keeping the pace with the present competitive scenario Aryakul College of Management was established in the year 2008-09 to provide the qualitative and sensible Task Managers. Aryakul believes that every individual from each stratum needs Affordable, Relevant, and Quality Education to fulfill personal aspirations for that Aryakul College of Education came into the existence in the year 2009-10 with the courses BBA & BJMC with permanent approval. In this series of Learning was permanently approved in 2015. To cultivate the garden of humbleness, fulfillment of the trust youth BTC course was established in the year of 2012.BA, B.Ed, MJMC, D.Pharm (Homoeopathy) and ITI are the new upcoming courses in the session 2017-18. The College are located at Natkur, Block Sarojini Naga, PO Chandrawal, Gauri –Bijnor( Aryakul College)Road, Lucknow; with its head office located at 130, Hind Nagar, Kanpur Road Lucknow. The beginning made in the year 2005-2006resulted in shaping up of 10 acre campus with the state of the art facilities and building surrounded with green and clean environment. The college are approved by AICTE, PCI and are affiliated to Dr. A.P.J.Abdul Kalam Technical University, Lucknow University and Board of Techinal Education.

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